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After 8 years of law studies, Thaïs decides to give up everything to follow her dream and become an Event Planner. After all, we only have one life, we might as well do what we really like. Her thing is to organise, plan, think about everything.

Already as a child, she planned her schedule in advance, she even prepared her schoolbag on Friday night for school on Monday. As she grew up, making lists had become an essential routine and whenever she could, she helped her friends and family organise their birthday parties, trips and weddings, a real passion she had never before experienced.

It’s thanks to the good advice of those around her that she has the courage to make this decision and to start organising events.

In order to perfect her skills and acquire new ones, Thaïs decided to go to Saint-Tropez to do an internship with an experienced wedding planner. She had the opportunity to assist him in his daily tasks and to learn the tricks of the trade. She was now ready to get started!


Her hobby: Spend hours reading a good book

Her favourite moment : Discovering the pure joy that appears on the bridegroom's face when his half walks up the aisle during the ceremony

Her secret weapon: OAn outstanding organizer, no detail escapes her.


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